Driving Options for Teenagers

OPTION #1: Full Drivers Education Program
Our Full Driver Education Program consists of 28 hours of classroom training, a 2 hour parent/student session and 8-hours of private behind-the-wheel instruction. During classroom hours, the student will gain an in-depth understanding of the rules of the road, and safe driving techniques and practices.

Our staff of classroom teachers are licensed and certified by the State of Connecticut and have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to share. Classes meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 to 7:00pm. The hours of on-the-road instruction are then scheduled by the student or parent.
Pre-registration is required for the parent/student class. With this program, the student may apply for his/her license four months from his/her permit date and may also be recognized for an insurance discount.
OPTION #2: 6/8 Driving Training Program
For those students who are unable to enroll in the Full Course, Tom’s now offers the 6/8 Program. With this option, students will attend the mandatory 8-Hour Driving Safety Course and receive 6-hours of private behind-the-wheel instruction with one of our highly trained and state-certified instructors. This course is perfect for those students who have busy after school schedules. With this option, the student must wait six months from the date of his/her permit before applying for a license.
OPTION #3: Home-Training Program
The Home-Training Program is when the parent decides to train the student themselves. With this option, the student would only take the mandatory 8-Hour Driving Safety Program (which meets the minimum requirements by the State of CT). There is no driving instruction, however if a student wishes to take private lessons with our instructors, it can be scheduled for an additional fee. With this option, the student must wait six months from the date of his/her permit before applying for a license, and this course is not recognized by insurance companies as a full driver’s education program.
Off-Site Testing
With any of the above options, we also offer Off-Site DMV testing for their license, for an additional fee. An Inspector from the DMV administers the road test. Once the student passes the test, he/she will receive an evaluation form from the Inspector. This form must be presented to the DMV in Norwalk in order for the student to receive his license. There is a 48 hour waiting period.