Au Pair Driving Evaluation

If you are still hesitant about letting your Au Pair drive your children around reconsider, let us at Tom’s Driving School evaluate them. Tom’s instructors are professionally trained and state certified. We will provide the highest levels of safety instruction.

Above all else, we at Tom’s Driving School know the comfort level when it comes to allowing your Au Pair to drive your children around. Whether it is to school, the doctors, library, soccer, or dance.

Our ultimate goal is to instruct our students so they become a safe, responsible, defensive driver!

Tom’s Driving School offers on the road instruction for $85.00 per hour or a package of 3 lessons for $255.00 or 5 lessons for $400.00.

The instructor will report back to you on your Au Pair’s driving session.

All lessons are private.

Door-to-Door service.

Driving Safety Tips

Connecticut's Child Safety Requirements

State law requires children under 16 to be secured in proper child restraint and safety systems while riding in a vehicle.
AgeWeightRequired Child Restraint SystemOther Requirements
Infant under 1 year of ageLess than 20 poundsRear-facing infant car seat
1 year of age to 7 years of ageLess than 60 poundsApproved child car seat
7 years of age and olderLess than 60 poundsApproved booster seatBooster seat must be secured by a seat safety belt that includes a shoulder belt
7 years of age and older60 pounds or moreApproved booster seat or seat beltBooster seat must be secured by a seat safety belt that includes a shoulder belt
  • The back seat is generally the safest place for a child to ride
  • Babies up to 20 pounds should ride facing rear
  • The safety belt must stay tight around the safety seat
  • The safety seat harness must be buckled snugly on the child
  • Children up to forty pounds benefit from being in a safety seat
  • Booster seats are designed for children 60-80 pounds