Off-Site Road Test

Testing for your Connecticut Driver’s License is available at Tom’s Driving School for students who have met the state requirements. To reserve a space for a test date, you will need to submit the following:
  1. Application Form R-229 (questions 1-16)
  2. Parent signature required on application (Signature of Instructor on bottom of application)
  3. Copy of Learner’s Permit and Parent License
  4. Check Payable to Tom’s Driving School $195.00
  5. CS1- 30/8 Drivers Education Certificate or CS1- 8 Hour Certificate
Test dates cannot be held and space is limited to the first 15 applicants. Paperwork must be submitted prior to test date. Once application is submitted there will be no-refunds. Applicant is responsible for space that is reserved.

For students who failed a previous driving test are required to submit all paper work above, along with a check payable to DMV for $40.00.

Give the Gift of Safe Driving this Holiday Season
(test times varies)
February 22nd Monday
March 21st Monday
April 19th Tuesday
May 10th Tuesday
May 23rd Monday
June 9th Thursday
June 27th Monday
July 11th Monday
July 25th Monday
August 8th Monday
August 22nd Monday
September 15th Thursday
October 13th Thursday
November 28th Monday
December 22nd Thursday